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Structured Products

We develop and mediate financial derivatives and structured products for banks, financial institutions, fund management operators, brokerages and mutual fund products.
We consult and support our clients in assessing products and the search for new sources of revenue both nationally and around the world.
We evaluate and negotiate structured products in collaboration with our leading international counterparts.

Financial Derivative and Forex Markets

In DILODALLAV, we develop structured derivatives that enable companies to properly manage the financial risk of their own organizations and that of their customers by setting operational limits and performing stress scenarios.
Extensive knowledge in derivative financial instruments is essential for accuracy, especially as the risk increases when many companies operate using similar plans.
Our team specializes in derivative work. We have the technical knowledge and practical experience to identify the proper portfolio and positioning necessary for the strategy.
Our derivatives services offer a wide range of expertise in the following areas:
  • Project Viability Study to Pinpoint Financial Derivatives
  • Establishment of Objectives and Policies or Coverage for Investment Portfolios
  • Development of Proper Measures to Comply with Supervisory Policies
  • Financial Quoting and Intermediation Instruments
  • Selection of Risk and Investment Committee to Administer Financial Derivatives
  • Documentation Verification
  • Investment Portfolio and Strategic Positioning Presentation
  • Development and Design of Hedging Instruments: Futures, Swaps, Currency Swaps, Options and Structured Products.
  • Analysis and Development of Mathematical Models for Evaluation and Dynamic Management of Derivatives
  • Strategy Operation Management
  • Accounting and Tax Treatment of Derivative Products
  • Audit Derivatives
  • Assessment Monitoring Tools
  • Custom Software for Effective Financial Derivative Management
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Risk Investment Committee Reports with Active Participation in all Associated Committees